Web 2.0-development

The term Web 2.0 indicates to an advanced and newer version of Web or WWW. This technology is totally different from earlier web technologies and web development techniques. It has opened a number of ways for the software and web developers to enable advanced functionalities to the websites. The applications developed using Web 2.0 can be shared among a number of users through Internet and can be used simultaneously by numerous users. The developers are now able to enable advanced desktop-like features to the web applications. Web 2.0 development is a big part or you can say division of Web industry. Today a number of web designing and development companies are offering specialized Web 2.0 services.

Today Social Networks or Social Media Networks are getting popularity like anything and Web 2.0 is the best standard to develop them. Web 2.0 is a technology that is generally associated with the web applications, which enables interactive user-centered design, interoperability, information sharing, and collaboration on World Wide Web (WWW). A Web 2.0 based website provides users with free choice to collaborate or interact with one another.

Advantages of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 based sites offer you an interactive user interface, storage and software facilities through your browser. Along with accessing the information from the website, you can also control the data. The major advantages of Web 2.0 are dynamic content, user participation, scalability, metadata, openness, collective intelligence, and rich user interface.

Technologies for Web 2.0

The common client-side technologies used in the Web 2.0 development includes XML, Asynchronous JavaScript, Ajax, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, and jQuery. The incoming and outgoing of the data requests are separate to enhance the speed. Ajax request generally fetch data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and XML formats. If data is received through Ajax, then a JavaScript program uses DOM (Document Object Model) for updating the information. Using such technologies makes the web pages work similar to the desktop applications.

We work personally with our clients to describe their online business scope and strategy to plan, implement, and support their Web 2.0 initiatives. We recognize our client's online business objectives and benefits that Web 2.0 can provide to develop a smooth roadmap for different effective solution implementations.

Web 2.0 refers to any website where, the web users can easily interact, add data, store different elements, and correspond with others. This technology is being used from web design and development, to each and every aspect of online businesses.